random things I'm working on:



At some point, I ended up being the primary maintainer of cl-opengl. The easiest way to get cl-opengl is with quicklisp

(ql:quickload 'cl-opengl)

The code and bug tracker are at https://github.com/3b/cl-opengl. Haven't had time to do any of the nice high level features I want to add, but at least I've managed to more or less keep the low-level bindings up to date (currently handles gl 4.4+).


Common lisp bindings for assimp at https://github.com/3b/classimp.


3bmd is yet another Markdown to HTML converter, with some extensions.


Clws is a websocket server based on iolib.

flash stuff

At one point, I was working on a compiler for some approximation of CL to avm2 bytecode and some swf manipulation tools in CL (3bil and 3b-swf), but haven't done much with them since Adobe stopped supporting linux.